CSSHat is a photoshop plugin from the team at abdoc that turns Photoshop Layers into CSS3 with one click. After launching on Gumroad last week, they’ve seen tens of thousands of dollars worth of sales, of which over $9,000 came in before the end of the first full day of sales. We chatted with their CEO, Lukas Hurych, about their experience with Gumroad and CSSHat sales so far.

1. So tell us a little about CSSHat. What’s the story behind it?

The best way to answer this question is probably with feedback we’ve heard from our buyers. Here’s a few of our favorites:

“What you are doing is revolutionizing the work flow of web designers worldwide.”

“CSSHat is fantastic! Love it, it’s better than anything I’ve used before!”

“Hey you web designers out there. BUY THIS! #amazing”

CSSHat (a 24-hour hack at Startup Weekend in Prague) turns Photoshop layer styles into CSS3 with a single click. It’s a simple but sophisticated Photoshop plug-in that allows coders, designers, or web developers to click on a layer in Photoshop and get CSS3 code of all its layer effects.

2. Why is Gumroad a good fit for the CSSHat?

We always thought that buying things online should be simple as a snap – and that’s what Gumroad  really does well! It shouldn’t take our customers $20 of their time to purchase a $20 piece of software, and thanks to Gumroad, we don’t see our fans leaving the shopping funnel.We were also considering Mac App Store, but we felt that as a plug-in for a third party app, we wouldn’t fit into the theme there – Gumroad was the indie solution!

3. Did you hear any feedback from buyers on the Gumroad buying experience? Any cool stories from them?

Yes. Our customers loved the simplicity of Gumroad as much as we did. Here’s one of the many emails we received:“All-in-all the experience of purchasing your product was quite pleasant! Lightweight form, really rich subtle cues about what CC type was being used based on first 4 numbers of the card and how many CCV characters (and where on the card!) based on the card type were a really nice touch.”

4. What are your favorite things about the Gumroad platform?

Three S’s: Simplicity, Support, and Sahil. Being able to ask for a feature and getting email saying it is live the next morning – this wouldn’t happen in a year with the established payment providers!

5. Were you surprised at the level of sales on the first day? Were you expecting it? How did the first 24 hours feel for the team and you?

We sent off our special pre-sale newsletter to our e-mail subscribers (who got access a day before everyone else), and in 15 minutes, our sale-buzzer was ringing almost non-stop! We never expected so many sales this early – the team was super motivated and we responded to our first users’ emails long past midnight.

6. Did you see any difference between engagement from Twitter vs. Facebook?

Almost all engagement is coming from Twitter. On Facebook, the only real engagement we saw was from a group of people that knew us personally.

7. What could we do better?

We’d love to be able to send a simple invoice, where I can fill in some info that our customers need (such as VAT, business name, etc.), and we’re discussing this with Sahil.