Most of our native elements have been designed with our sellers in mind. It follows that sellers who make the most of these elements have the most success in selling their products. Here are some data-driven insights that we hope will help you sell on Gumroad:

Buyers want to know about you. Sellers that provide more information to their buyers about themselves have higher rates of conversion. Having a seller bio increases conversion by 54%! The length of the seller bio also makes a difference – the shorter the bio, the better. Conversion for bios less than 30 characters is 62% higher than bios more than 30 characters.

Buyers want to know about the product they are buying. Being descriptive helps. Long descriptions convert better than short ones (products with descriptions over 60 words have 103% better conversion than products with descriptions of less than 30 words).

Innovate with pricing. Pricing your product at the optimal price is hard, and we provide a number of options to help you make the most from selling your products. One of our favorite options is flexible pricing which allows buyers to pay what they want above a certain threshold. For flexible pricing purchases on paid products, 55% of buyers choose to pay more than the minimum threshold with average price of purchases exceeding the minimum threshold by 35%!

Social integration works. Gumroad provides easy seller sharing options for Twitter and Facebook and in the past months we have seen that sellers who utilize this feature to distribute content directly to their friends, family and followers really reap the benefits. Sellers who authenticate with Twitter and Facebook see a 32% and 35% increase in paid conversion respectively!

We hope this insights help you in building your products on Gumroad. Watch this space in the coming weeks for posts on social sharing and pricing and let us know if you have any questions (