Gumroad aims to help creatives sell to their audience, no matter where they are or what you make. We recently published a guide on How to Sell Photoshop Plugins and today we’d like to expand on how to sell eBooks. The barrier to writing and publishing an eBook has lowered significantly in the past few years; and, there are some tips and tricks that we’d like to share to make it even easier still.

While they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, cover images are very important. It’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your product, and it should increase people’s interest in making the purchase. A good cover image can drive significantly more revenue, as well: products with cover images convert 4.5% higher than those without them.


There are a growing number of eBook readers, devices, and file types, and not all devices support all formats. Because of that, we recommend offering your eBook in different formats. You can do this by creating multiple products for the different types, or packaging the different types into one zip file. This gives the buyers the power to select the type that is right for them.

The simplest format to offer your book in is a PDF. You can easily create a PDF from any word editor, and buyers can easily consume the PDF on any device they choose (their computer, iPad, iPhone, or Kindle). If you do decide to go with a PDF, make sure to use our PDF Stamping. Stamping your PDF will apply a special graphic, as well as the email address of each unique buyer, to the top right of the first page of your PDF.


As always, pricing your product is one of the most important aspects to your sales. Products that enable pay-what-you-want pricing earn up to 20% more than their asking price, on average. This gives the buyers flexibility to pay what they want for the product, and then give more later on if they feel it was worth more than they originally paid. Additionally, you can create offers to give buyers discounts for a limited time. You can distribute an offer code to your mailing list subscribers, Twitter followers, or even use an offer code as a launch-day special to drive extra buzz. 

We always love hearing your feedback on what works for you, and encourage you to shoot us a note. For more information on how to sell eBooks on Gumroad, check out this handy guide.