Gumroad is excited to announce Subscriptions, a simple way to sell a series of products to your audience. With Subscriptions, you can give your audience the opportunity to pay a recurring amount for something you create. You can use Subscriptions to power a course with daily lessons, a weekly article, a monthly film series, yearly access to a content database, or anything else you think your audience will be excited about.

The Basics

When you add a product on Gumroad,  you can now immediately select to sell it as a subscription. Unlike traditional Gumroad products, subscriptions don’t require an initial file — simply specify an incremental monthly (or yearly) price to begin selling the subscription to your audience.


While adding a product, click Subscription to begin setting up a subscription product.


You can choose to offer subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis.

Once you have subscribers, you can send updates at whatever frequency you choose. Updates are emails with (optional) file attachments that go out to your subscribers.

There are many possibilities for what you can attach to these updates — you can send your subscribers book chapters, film episodes, songs, or other digital content, all downloadable directly from the update email. If you plan to use Gumroad to power subscription for a physical good, such as a magazine or a box of supplies, simply skip the file attachment step and use updates to remind your subscribers that something fun will be arriving in their mailbox soon.

Check out our Guide to Subscriptions for more details on sending updates and managing subscribers.

Subscription Features

  • Customers are charged recurringly each month after purchase — we’ll automatically charge your subscriber’s cards every month (unless you choose to offer a yearly subscription, in which case your subscribers will be charged every year).
  • Subscribers can update their credit card details at any time — subscribers can continue a subscription with a new credit card if they so choose.
  • Individual subscribers are charged on the same day every month, depending on when they made the initial payment. For example, a subscriber who signs up for Dabbler on August 20th will subsequently be charged on September 20th, October 20th, and so on.
  • New subscribers will receive your most recent update upon initial payment. We like to think of this as a carrot — subscribers like receiving something right away, regardless of the point in the subscription period at which they sign up.
  • If a subscriber is dissatisfied, you can choose to refund individual charges. For example, you can refund a subscriber for one particular month, rather than for all of the subscription payments they’ve made. Plus, Gumroad doesn’t charge sellers a refund fee.
  • Subscribers can unsubscribe from a subscription at any point. Once they unsubscribe, they’ll be removed from your update list, and we’ll stop charging their credit card.

Subscriptions in Action

Since launching Subscriptions, we’ve seen many sellers take advantage of this functionality to sell awesome content as a series.

Dabbler uses Subscriptions to power sales of curated packages on specific topics. By delivering this monthly package of notes, book recommendations, and links, Dabbler aims to help subscribers pick up a new hobby, gain a new skill, or do a fun project.



Subscribers are charged $2 each month. Updates, in the form of curated packages, are delivered to inboxes once a month. 

Dispatch sells monthly subscriptions to a stream of exclusive, royalty-free content for music making platforms. For example, Audio Loops subscribers get a new 24 bit loops pack (drums, percussion, instruments, sound design elements, and more) every Friday. Dispatch enables subscribers to discover new sound designers and explore new sounds.


imageSubscribers are charged $9 each month. Updates, in the form of a collection of wav loops, are delivered to inboxes once a week. 

Minimum Viable Fitness, a fitness program geared towards startup professionals, uses Subscriptions to power sales of their 16-week online program. Subscribers get access to training, diet advice, a private Facebook group to connect with fellow professionals in the program, one-on-one check ins, and more.


Subscribers are charged either $125 (for founders) or $175 each month for a total of four months. Updates are ongoing.

We’re excited to see different types of content being sold in the form of subscriptions, and looking forward to hearing about other creative applications of Subscriptions.

As always, we appreciate your feedback — let us know what you think about Subscriptions, how you’re planning on using it, or what additional features you’d like to see.