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How About Recommended Products?

Travis Nichols on April 14th, 2014

You just bought an issue of a digital fashion magazine. Very nice. Say, how about The Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks?

Recommendations from Gumroad is a new opt-in feature that will allow related products to show up after purchases are made. If you enable recommendations, your products will be recommended to buyers of other products, and likewise, after the purchase of your products, related projects will be shown.


You can turn recommendations on in your settings.


Once activated, up to three recommendations will appear after a purchase of one of your products is made (once we’re able to recommend related products). Note: a product must have a cover to be included. But of course your products have covers.

How does this work? To find and recommend related products, we look at the intersection of buyers of a seller’s products with buyers of other people’s products. If that “signal” is strong enough, and we deem a product recommendable, we’re show it to the buyer. Recommendations can come from other sellers’ products and/or your own products depending on purchasing habits.

As your sales increase, and as more Gumroad sellers opt in, this feature will become more and more robust.

When a product of yours is purchased via a recommendation, it will show up in your analytics as “Recommended by Gumroad”.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature. Please let us know what you think. And if someone out there is working on an Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks, we’re extremely interested.

Your Gumroad Gallery

Travis Nichols on April 9th, 2014

Your profile page is now a customizable gallery. Reorder and scale your covers to showcase your products. Descriptions and buy buttons appear when you hover over covers.

When logged in and on your Gumroad URL, you’ll be able to stretch and reorder your covers in many different ways. Tall columns, multi-tiered rows, large squares flanked by smaller squares. It’s up to you.

You might need to rethink your cover images depending on how you lay out your page. In the video above, you’ll see how images crop when adjusted. Here’s a list of recommended cover sizes in pixels. These are ideal especially if you sometimes share single product pages.

Square: 700 x 700 (single or double)
Tall rectangle: 333 x 700
Wide rectangle: 700 x 333
Wider rectangle: 1066 x 333

Note: A wide rectangle will also serve to keep your purchase button “above the fold” when viewed on an individual product page.

What hasn’t changed is your ability to change highlight and background colors, add a background image, and hide/show projects on your page. This can all be done in the left settings panel.

So if you’re looking for more of a shop feel (with bundle buy), the new gallery view is a great solution.

We love hearing your feedback. Tell us what you think of this updated feature.

Feature Update: Import Customers into Gumroad

Jessica Jalsevac on March 26th, 2014

With no setup fees or contracts, its always been easy to switch to Gumroad. Recently we made it even easier with our new customer import feature. Now you can bring your entire customer list from all other platforms into your Gumroad dashboard with just a couple clicks.

This makes it easy to quickly deliver updated versions of your product and keep customers informed of product announcements all from one place.

Or perhaps you have a digital reward, such as a film or album, that you want to send to your Kickstarter backers. Simply import your backer list and send away. Bonus: Gumroad doesn’t charge for delivering free content!

Here’s how its done:

From your Customers Tab, click “Import” below your buyer list.


We provide you with a handy template to organize your data for import. Download the template and add in your customers email address (and purchase date if you’d like). Be sure to keep the headers and format as is for smooth importing.

Then just select the appropriate product, and upload your CSV.


You even have the option to send an update containing all your product’s files to your imported customers, so they’re immediately caught up with one click.

Voila! We hope this helps simplify your life and deliver an even better experience to your customers. As always, we welcome your feedback - let us know what you think at, or @GumroadHelp.


Updates to Your Product Pages

Travis Nichols on January 6th, 2014

We’re pretty excited about the new features on product pages. Now you can edit all of the buyer-facing attributes of your product and payment process on the page itself. The improved buying flow will let you adjust what your customers will see in real time. Change the purchase button, add attributes, toggle shipping and required info, and more.

Here’s a video walkthrough to show you all of the updates. FULL SCREEN AHEAD!


We love hearing from you and getting your feedback. Let us know what you think here.

Unzipped: Multi-File Projects

Travis Nichols on December 18th, 2013

Good news for creators with albums of multiple tracks, video series, or other products with more than one component. Previously, the way to list and sell such items would be in single zipped files.

While that’s still available and viable, Gumroad now supports multiple-file projects. Now, after you upload a file, you’ll notice an option to upload more files.


Go ahead. Add as many as you like.


On the product’s page, you’ll find that you’ll get _____ is now defaulted to you’ll receive multiple files. If you prefer, you can change that to whatever best applies to your product. You’ll get a PDF and an MP4You’ll get six streaming videos. Your call.


There are a handful of benefits to uploading a multi-file product rather than a ZIP.


How will you use this new feature? We love hearing from you. Let us know what you think here.

Together at Last: Automation from Zapier

Travis Nichols on December 11th, 2013


What are the three most-requested features from Gumroad users? MailChimp integration, AWeber integration, and InfusionSoft integration.

Happy holidays, Gumroadians. Using Zapier, Gumroad users can now automatically add new buyer information to their email marketing service providers. And that’s not all. Zapier users can now integrate Gumroad with hundreds of other web applications to automate tasks.


Here are some templates to get you going. And this is just handful of what can be accomplished with Zapier.

Purchaser automatically added to MailChimp list.
Gumroad sale → MailChimp subscriber

Purchaser automatically added to AWeber list.
Gumroad sale → AWeber subscriber

Collect a Twitter handle at check-out and automatically thank each new purchaser with a tweet.
Gumroad sale → public tweet

Automatically create a task in Asana after a sale.
Gumroad sale → Asana task

Automatically send an email (up to 100 recipients) after you add a new product to Gumroad.
Gumroad item → Email

Automatically add new product details to a Google Docs spreadsheet.
Gumroad item → Google Doc


If you’re not already a Zapier user, you can try it for free with unlimited Zaps and tasks. A Zap is a link between two services (a “trigger” and an “action”). Zaps run automatically in the background every few minutes to move and manage data on your behalf. It’s a great way to get apps and web services to work together. After your trial, you’ll be able to find a plan that works for you. Check it out!

We’d love your feedback on this feature. Let us know what you think here.

Gifting with Gumroad

Travis Nichols on November 28th, 2013

It turns out that Eminem fans are a generous bunch. Each Eminem product released in the last month has had a gifting rate between .5% and 1.79%. 

What’s that? You didn’t know that you could gift items on Gumroad? It’s okay. Let’s walk through the process.


When you want to purchase an item for someone else, there’s a slight variation from the normal checkout process. After you click the purchase button and are on the screen where you enter payment information, click on the small gift icon in the top line.


Now you’ll see two new lines two fill in. One for the recipient’s email address, and one for an optional personalized message.


After paying, you’ll get a receipt…


…And the recipient will get an email letting them know that you sent them a gift. Your name and email address will be in the subject of the email. The recipient can then easily download your gift.


Sellers, this is some information that would be great to share with your followers, especially around the holidays. Fans of your digital goods can buy copies for friends and have them delivered directly to their inboxes. Gifts can be sent from home, or even from the party.

Last minute shopping? That’s amateur hour. This is last second shopping.

We’d love your feedback on this feature. Let us know what you think here.

I Want This? I Want Options!

Travis Nichols on November 22nd, 2013

You’ve set up a profile. You’ve customized your background and highlight colors. Calvin Burns, not only do you make the best roasted corn salsa evarrr, but you’re really making Gumroad sing.


We’ve got something new for you to try. When you’re logged in and looking at a project’s page, you’ll notice that there’s now a drop-down for the purchase button. You can now select from a few other options that might appeal to you more or make more sense for a particular project.


We’d love your feedback on this updated feature. Let us know what you think here.

Who? What? When? Where? The Improved Customers Tab

Travis Nichols on November 12th, 2013

The Customers tab in your dashboard is a great tool for easily reaching out to your audience. Give them an update, tell them about a new product, send them a thank you gift, and more.

We’ve made a few improvements. Before, you could only sort your customers by the product they purchased. Now, you can also toggle the country, amount paid, and the date range.

Say you updated a game you created. Now you can email everyone who purchased the game prior to the update so they can download the newest version.

Maybe your pay-what-you-want album sales were even better than expected, and you want to send some bonus tracks to fans who paid more over $10.

Or perhaps you’re going to be in the UK for a couple of lectures, and you want to invite nearby supporters.


Try it out! We think you’ll find that this improvement will help you keep in even better contact with your customers, and that’s what selling with Gumroad is all about.

We’d love your feedback on this updated feature. Let us know what you think here.

Your Receipt Is in the Bag: Invoicing for Buyers and Sellers

Travis Nichols on October 14th, 2013

It’s our ever-evolving goal at Gumroad to make buying and selling as seamless as possible. Creators should create. Simply.

When you buy something on Gumroad, the email you get is very straight-forward. Your information, the item’s information, sharing options, and contact information for the seller and support at Gumroad. The majority of the time, this information is all that you’ll need.


Sometimes, however, you might require a more official invoice. If that’s the case, you can shoot an email to the seller (their address is in blue at the bottom of your receipt), and they’ll get it sent to you. To save a step, include your physical address (and business name if applicable) in your request. If you need the invoice sent to a different email address, include that in your request as well.

For sellers, we’ve made it easy to send a more official invoice. If a buyer has requested an invoice, ask them for their physical address. Once you have it, log into your Gumroad account, and you’ll see a list of your sales.

Look for the email address of the buyer in need of an invoice. Then click on that sale.


A little receipt will drop down with a few options. Refund, Resend receipt, and Send invoice. Click on Send invoice.


The receipt extends to show more information. If they sent you a different email address to send the invoice to, click on their email address (shown up top in teal) and enter the change. Fill in the buyer’s address and click on Send.

Done. Really, that’s it. Now get back to your next project.

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